Be like the Cool Kids


United States
41° 21' 41.58" N, 108° 54' 9.6588" W
United States
41° 21' 41.58" N, 108° 54' 9.6588" W

Skinny jeans, hugging your thighs,

just a bit too tight.

Purchase sleek iPhone case designs.

Sip overpriced coffee,

photograph the name on the cup.

Accumulate more likes,

you're only worth the number of


followers and friends you have.

Friday night's football game

and Saturday night's party,

tell them about those.

Don't dare speak of

the books you've read

Animes you've watched

childish dreams you have.

Because all that lame shit,

they ain't with it.

Be a carbon copy, not a masterpiece.


Just 'cause their quirks are hidden

don't mean they ain't got 'em.

Express your colors,

let them roam free,

you might have more in common

than once thought.

Hidden inside everyone,

our little insecurities.

Be true to yourself


is your life worth living

if it ain't even your life?





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