To be... (continued)

Thu, 08/08/2013 - 14:07 -- TENN44

Fashion me in a complex mind puzzle that will ensure to test the greatest minds

Double the mulitple problems when your own has left the herd and escaped with a face full of future regret

Doubling the size of the stress while tripling the hate, rage and plowing that she calls satsifaction

Satsifying the revenge she has


Have a vengeful soul, causing a mistake


Make the family divide, tension to cut with a knife

But the cutting can't commence when the baging headboards has banged a explosive gun that will fire in a number of months

Adding to the grey hairs of her grandmother, uncle and aunt who age has not surpassed this role

Turmoil has effected the voter to vote the choice to keep the change in appearance, to keep the pain, the rebellious

To show us a lesson that she was tried of being the blame, the spotlighted fame that wasn't recieving instead being put on her siblings while the lights blasted her skin and scarred her mind


Cause the lesson she would soon learn when the new, born earhtling will inherit the planet and show a reflection of her genes

 Showing the life she ran from, packed her bags and fleed from the fear of abortion, two months in

She ran!


The affected male that would soon help her create, craft and compensate the contract of him blooming her virgintiy and then denying any existense of the inveitable

But soon, soon she will return, return


The life that she once had, that the past cannot manifest into the future without a bargin, that the pen was lost to

This is for you, wherever you are, sis

Wherever you are


come, return






Oh. My. God. Have you ever read or listened to one of those poems that sink into your soul? I just did. You truly are a Power Poet.

Best of luck in the Slam!! :)


Thank you for the comment! Be sure to read more of my poems!

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