To Be Blamed

Since the day I sat with you, I knew we were going to be the best of friends! A few years passed and we were in high school. I saw things change right before me. You pushed, you shoved, you didn't care. 'Who really cares what happpened to the "new girl"'? 'She barged into our group, why should we respect her anyways?' One day, sure one day, I will break, but that day hasn't come yet. The day will come I will no longer take the blame. This blame you put upon others, will one day come back to haunt you. You lost me as a friend, I now realize you were never friends. When you chose others over me after eight years of "friendship", I lost hope we could ever be friends. It's not my fault and I am no longer taking the blame. These words are mine and you can't take them from me.

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