To Be

Tue, 10/17/2017 - 10:53 -- MMAfan

no one really knows what it means to be a hero

even the ones that people think are heroes

they just do what they have the strength to do

only the cowards do whatever goes

and we're all cowards even the heroes

and all of this just goes to show

that the bigger you are the smaller your pride

the outwardly braver you are the shittier your mind

the less you say you love the more you're torn apart

the sadder you are the bigger your heart

and all of us are afraid but in all of us we know we

can be the one

destroy the code and restart the sun

it's what we know and what we have that we need

no matter how much you know you'll eventually bleed

it's better to die a hero than to live ashamed.

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Our world


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