Battling Ones Pride


My body is aching
My hands are shaking
My legs are getting weak
Knowing an uphill battle is what you seek
Stranded, Abandoned, with no place to turn
Imminent attack on me is what I learn
The battle has no victors only people of defeat
A daughter long lost to never again I'll meet
Your plan all along was total isolation
This war you started without the slightest hesitation
Lacking empathy and total remorse
My actions are quite limited, and by you they're forced
The sight of victory in nowhere in sight
With no compromise or regret, for this we'll always fight
These constant battles chip away my love for you
This war is destroying all my happy memories too
With no end in sight, no conclusions to any fights
And the inability to compromise any of your rights
We will forever be at war.
You are my enemy, back home, and out here.


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