Battle with Vanity


Living in a world surrounded by vanity

I have a rapidly diminishing sanity

To love myself this way, it is complete and utter blasphemy

For as long as I am like this, I can never live in rhapsody

Then I ask myself

Maybe if I had lighter eyes or smaller thighs

That’ll easily capture your attention

Perhaps if my waist was a perfect size or I looked like a prize

I would truly be worthy of your blissful mentions


Excuse my venting and pardon my digression

But I’m tired of being trapped under society’s oppression

To look a certain way and to behave like a doll

If I don’t conform, there is an immense and evident fall

I’m stuck in a pondering stage

What if I gave in and let go of my tenacity

And allowed myself to become what I despised

My whole entire life would be without veracity

Due to me living life in a true disguise


I used to avoid and fear looking at myself

Therefore I put my inner confidence on a shelf

Years of not knowing my self worth

Walked around with my feet dragging on the earth.

What’s happening?

Life goes by quickly too fast for this type of worry

No longer afraid I am the woman of my dreams

I pick myself up, dry my eyes, my sight is no longer blurry

Look at me and now I see my beauty bursts of its seams


I learned that my beauty is no longer validated by people who make me blue

Honestly no misconceptions, this battle with vanity is true

I’m still fighting but I learned loving myself was long overdue

If this battle crosses your path, I hope you win it too.



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