Battle Scars

I only let you see what you want to see,

It would be in vain to show the other me

For there is no Justice on either side,

And my fear itself has forced me to hide--

But society doesn't care--No, why would they?

It seems impossible for them to judge true reality,

No--let it all disappear, in the midst of fog

Let it shroud their thoughts; reign them in like a Master's dog--

Indidvidual thought is but a mere ideal,

Though once unleashed, it attacks how one feels,

You an angel--don't give me those lies,

There is a falsehood in the soul that only denies--

There is a darker, deeper unrevealed side

Though everyone fears the truhs in their minds,

It can kill, it can love, it can bring about change,

It can lift you high, or hang you heas to shame,

Hah---Change eh? Maybe you see what you want to see in me

But I can not pretend to hide what already broke free,

Yeah you say you can move mountains, and shine likes stars--

Hell son, you've found nothing if you haven't felt the

     sting of Truth's BattleScars...


This poem is about: 
Our world


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