Battle Scars


As one who speaks from experience I can tell you these things.  

While those who say they care and will help, don’t actually believe.  

They see it all as a joke, but it means the world to you. 


Today therapists are out of jobs because of the kids that turn to razors and scars.  

Girls wish for that size zero look and to get it they throw up what they cook. 

You walk around a school and rumors are spread. 


The girl who got pregnant, the girl with no friends, the girl who’s too fat, and the girl who’s covered in scars and hides her arms.  

She’s a slut they say when in reality she was raped. She’s a loner they say when actually she thinks no one cares. She’s too fat they say… she doesn’t eat. She’s a freak they say… it’s how she deals with the pain. 


Everyday girls sit and wonder “how can anyone love me with all this flubber?”  

But when you look at them they’re skin and bones, they think they’re fat but every single bone shows.  

They sit and ponder the scars on their skin, some in defeat and some who are about to finally win.  


Look around go through their pictures, tumblr, instagram, facebook, twitter, myspace, youtube and you’ll see, they save the quotes and pictures that give them hope.  

It’s what they hang on to for life like a breathing machine.  


Boys and girls would much rather die and see what comes next than to hold on and imagine their lives.  

So maybe instead of calling her a bitch you should think about what puts the knife to her hips and the pills to her lips.  

What we do isn’t for attention but a cry for help… 




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