The Battle of Lust

My heart belongs to you only--

At least that's what I've said.

Yet today here I am in conflict,

And I don't want to leave my bed.

I just want to dream, and use this passion,

Even though I know it hurts you.

I can't feel an embrace or intense adoration,

So in the middle of this, what can I do?

I've tried wrong ways before

And like to believe I won't return.

But, if I can't control this small thing,

Have I really learned?

You tell me I have your righteousness,

That I can escape this death.

Why don't I desire it enough?

Do I utterly fail the test?

Jesus, may I desire obedience!

I promise my heart hates my sin.

I don't know how I'll overcome,

But I know that love will win.

Let me feel your brokenness,

Break me of my selfishness.


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