Battle Ground

I went into the fight

Knowing only one goal,

I knew that it was right,

It starts to take a toll.

My enemies shudder

I'm in full brigt armor,

Not a word they uttered,

Not even a murmur.

Suddenly I'm closed in

My shield falls to the ground,

Doubting starts to begin,

I clash my sword around.

My belt is next to fall

Lies start to fill my head,

I wish to stop it all,

And just go back to bed.

The ground starts getting rough

My shoes begin to wear,

I thought that I was tough,

Havoc wreaks everywhere.

When hope begins to fade

God puts me on my feet,

My enemies are slayed,

They scatter in defeat.

I knew it wasn't right

To try to fight alone,

I must get back and fight

No longer on my own



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