Battle Angel

Battle angel, battle angel, hear my cry to charge, 

I'm ready to have faith in you, don't leave me here alone, 

In perfect rhythm, marching out, they come for me at large, 

With sheathes of darkness woven in, we face the new unknown

Now don't stop, pierce the front, go and be my light, 

I'll share with you my will to live, and I'll consume the night,

Battle angel, battle angel, I know that we'll win,

I feel our allies in the stars, a boldness in the air, 

Our courage is a forest fire, my cowardice a sin, 

No matter how they strike at me, I know that you'll be there, 

We won't stop, bear the brunt, victory in sight, 

I won't surrender or retreat, I'll always lead the fight. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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