Battle Against I


You dare walk as confident as I,

the Solitaire Queen.


You dare pretend to be as courageous as I,

the Solitaire Queen.


You dare think yourself better than I,

the Solitaire Queen



You dare take prisoners from My kingdom of achieved

into your dungeon of obedience, full of your wannabees

and force them to battle against I,

the Solitaire Queen —


if I took away your pack and your publicity

if I took away your support and status and standards of "impressive"

if I took away your admirers and

if I took away your appealing advertisements and

if I took away your bloody axe,

your greed

your insecure followers

your attractive false reality

you would have nothing.



but I won’t take anything away from you;

I won’t return the favor.


and I will never share

the satisfaction with you,

I will steal your pleasure

of walking as confident

as I,

someone who earned the rank, Queen.


as if you are worth anything to Me

as if your petty values will matter to Me in the My future

as if taking your desires away will give Me what I want and the successful life

I deserve.


you turned Me into I,

you made Me realize


I only need the company of I,

The Solitaire Queen.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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