Wed, 11/01/2017 - 17:53 -- Aqua2ie

I have been beaten. Bewildered, betrayed,

Brought down by the lies with which these knights

Have wounded me with

Like the lie of being loved.


So I have raised these castle walls

To protect me, to shelter me

From these fierce bombardment of broken hearts.

These walls will be stronger

Stronger than their lies and falsehoods

These walls will protect me

From the arrows of pain to be shot.


Then, a lowly squire

Clad in leather attire

Changed everything.


He did not just say he was mine

He showed me his loyalty.

He stayed by my side

He truly treats me like royalty.  

Not because I am a queen

But because I am truly me.


In the kingdom, the waters melted and flown

From the frozen fountain covered with snow

The gardens of roses emerged and grown

All because this squire changed all I know


With this acquaintance I can be free

Because he lets me be me.

Barriers brought down by order of the queen

This is what love should truly mean.


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