Barely Getting By (A Single Mother's Struggle)

This is dedicated to the daddy's girls,
So sad acting bad, always mad at the world, 

What ya had didn't last, it ain't your fault,
He wasn't raised to behave like a great adult, 

Didn't see the bigger picture when he hit ya 
And he knocked ya down, 
But God is wit ya, through the scriptures 
and he's locked up now
All the cryin' and fussin' ain't for nothin'
Girl you really mean somethin'
You tried to love him, might've rushed in,
Now it's you and your son in; 

Poverty, there's gotta be, a better view you can see,
Constantly you are in need, and you just wanna be free,
Of the struggle, where's ya hustle?
Seems you're caught in a bubble,
That keeps leaving you puzzled
Leading you deep into trouble.
On that pole as you dance, you keep making your plans, 

Get off stage, and ya face, lands right in your hands, 
You wanna leave and escape all you need is a chance,
But as you continue being raped you think "it's romance"
Failing to notice in that moment your little boy's feeling hurt,
Cuz now he's grown, and all alone, he knows what you're worth;

Though he barely has a home he continues to work,
For heartache sewn, he was prone, for hardship since Birth

He presses on, with daddy gone, he only cares about you,
Resting on that his mom, will do what she's gotta do,
And they're barely getting by,
Yeah barely getting by,
They both wonder in their lives

Why they're barely getting by.

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