Bare Necessities

What I need comes in many different forms, provided by more than one soul;

I need an entity to listen, to care, to make me whole.


I desire someone to hear my cries and respond politely.

There is no requirement for them to fix my problems precisely.

Simply allow me to communicate to them concisely.


Just something to look me in my eyes and converse back.

Being in my company is rarely a drawback.


Just like everyone other living being I laugh, cry, and smile.

And of course in a foul mood my diction be quite bile.

But I am one such soul who believes kindness never goes out of style.


I know life will give my trials and tribulations to conquer.

But without this being I do believe I would go bonkers.


This being does not need to have human form.

Horses seem to always do the trick, always willing to calm my personal storm.

But dog, cats, fishes, and bunnies have often kept my heart warm.


I thrive on the energies of those living around me.

What is it that I truly cannot live without?

True company

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