Fri, 08/03/2018 - 13:16 -- eva_koz

When you loved me,

I felt like I was

Soaring on an angel's wings.

We flew through the sky,

Slowing approaching the Sun.

You showed me

How our love burned brighter

Than that great ball of fire.

And as night began to fall,

You told me

That you would guide me through

The dark,

Until the end of time.

That made me wonder,

What if time ended too soon?

When you hurt me,

I felt like I had just

Been to hell and back.

Your hurtful words

Felt like stabs to my chest,

And with every stab,

I sunk lower and lower,

Until finally,

I was completely consumed

By the flames you set ablaze.

Tell me,

Had time ended that quick?

When you left,

I felt nothing.

But, it was worse

Than your hurtful words.

I felt the void,

The one you used to fill,

And I believed

Nobody could fill it again.

You made me believe that.

I felt that I always would,

Because the scars,

The bruises, burns, and scabs

That you left on my skin

Had almost healed,

But the marks on my heart

Would always burn

When I yearned to love again.


I asked myself,

Had I really thought that

Our love was controlled by time?

Since you've been gone,

I've gotten better.

I haven't healed all the way,

But at least I now believe

It's possible.

The marks you left on the outside

Are now gone,

And the ones on the inside,

Are slowly healing too.

I've met someone new.

Every word he says to me,

Is like a new Band-Aid on my heart.

It doesn't solve anything

By itself,

But with proper care,

With proper love,

And enough time,

One day,

I'll pull it off,

And all the hurt you've done

Will be all gone.



This poem is about: 
My family


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