The Ballad of the Lady Who Could Not Sing

There once was a lady
As fair as could be
But she was lacking in one thing,
For she could not sing.

Whenever she opened her mouth,
A loud moan filled the room,
People fled north and south
And even the dead sunk deeper in their tombs

One night when all was still,
The lady heard a knock on her windowsill
Staring into the darkness far below,
She saw what appeared to be a magical goat.

The goat then said,
“Go to bed,
For when you wake up
Your voice will be the most beautiful in all of Europe.

Doing what the goat said,
The lady went back to bed.
Rising at sunup,
She sung so high she shattered a teacup.

People all over the world came to hear,
The melodious voice, so sweet and clear,
For it brought many to tears.

Finally, the lady met a vassal,
Who invited her to marry him and live in his castle.
However, the lady’s mother would not hear of it,
But the vassal was filled with great wit.

He snuck out into the moonlit sky,
And he with his bride beside,
Rode out into the woods,
Wearing dark hoods.

Arriving at the vassal’s castle,
The lady married the vassal.
Her mother was surprised,
When she realized she had been downsized.


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