Ballad of Joan of Arc

A plain girl of only eighteen

Was the last hope for France

The war with England took its toll 

Too great was thier advance 


With true intent she told her tale

The king trusted her word

And put her in change of his men 

Who thought this was absurd


She proved her skill far outweighed 

What was seen in men

Mind,body, heart, and soul she gave

To her only love then


The love she held for her country 

Has never since been met

Because her fight was always strong

She was England's only threat


Only she could lead victory

Many defeats came to them

When she would lead the battle cry

They sought France's true gem


Thier sucess was destined to be

They capture Joan d'Arc

Said she was an unnatural being 

Keep her shourded in dark


But alas France did not look back 

To the gril who gave all

 She left her home to stop thier war

Unanswered was her call


She lost her life to fire and hate

It seemed to be for not 

The country that she always loved 

Left her without thought


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