Ballad of a Girl Forsaken

I’ve been sitting in the school library

 for what feels like forever.

 Going back and forth in my mind trying

to decide what I need to do.

It’s been a little over an hour since

I found out my life would change.

In my bathroom at 6 am, praying to God

that it is just a bad dream.

A tiny pink plus sign has just become

 one of my greatest fears.

That same tiny pink plus sign had the

power to bring me to my knees

 in silent tears.


I don’t want to go to class, I wish I

 could just sit in this library all day.

But what am I so afraid of, I shouldn’t

care what people say.

Even though they will judge me, and

 call me all kinds of names.

Despite their ignorance of my struggle,

not realizing that I’m already in pain.

I tried to talk to some of my friends

but they didn’t understand.

They wrote off my comments as jokes

and continued making their plans.


Even my so called “caring” boyfriend

 laughed in my face.

He too thought I was playing until he saw

 I wasn’t laughing with him.

His smile fell and he dumbly asked

“Well what are you going to do?”

I shook my head in disappointment and

before I walked away said “It’s yours too”   


Now the school day is over and the

news has spread around.

And surely by the end of the night,

I will be the talk of our small town.

My mother will be heartbroken and

my father won’t crack a smile.

My “friends” whisper as I pass and

my teachers look at me and frown.


18 years old, bringing a baby in this world,

 who on me they will depend.

Trying to make it through senior year

without the support of any family or any friend.

They said it wouldn’t be possible,

 they said with no support it couldn’t be done.

But as they look at me cross this stage now,

 they see how far I have come.

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Your ending is so good! If this is about a true story, i encourage you to hang in there! Itll all be worth it, i promise!


Thank you so much!

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