The Balance of Matter

Sun, 07/06/2014 - 15:21 -- ABlurr

Listening to a TED talk,

I learned how the universe is like two mirrors reflecting each other endlessly,

 Each reflection representing different dimensions.

 Each so short of time for us to live our life,

That we are like insignificant specks in a vast ocean,

 Just following the currents of life.

But somehow,

After all that could happen,

 the stars align perfectly,

And here we are.

My mother told me that when I was born,

 The northern claw pulled me into this world,

 Its hard embrace leaving me breathless and scarred.

What a bitter way to start in this world compared to the womb.

Yet I was alive,

After all the mirrored dimensions and possibilities,

All the specs living on and interacting,

After all the odds,

When I was supposed to die,

Here I am.

Isn’t that beautiful,

How we all sit on scales,

Gathering weight from our drifting life full of experiences.

Sometimes our shoulders hold too much to keep on the scale,

And we tip over.

That’s when we have to choose to step out to balance ourselves,

Instead of letting our fear gather the weight and it’s too late,

Because we are full of balances.

Balances of Joy and fear,

Atoms and space,

Choice A and B,

Life and Death.

We are full of particles spread out from all over,

Choices left from one spec to the other,

Passed down through time.

To lighten the load,

Spread the particles far beyond yourself,

Making what you choose matter,

Because we are full of what matters.

Our time matters,

Our Life matters,

So Why not make drifting be the best short span of time there can be,

Because no matter if we are just a reflecting image living on and on in an impermanent world,

If the stars have aligned perfectly just for this moment,

You matter.


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