Sun, 01/01/2017 - 19:41 -- axj1561


Breaux Bridge
1091 D a
United States
37° 22' 13.7604" N, 82° 45' 51.9372" W

I wish my heart and my brain were one in the same

But they aren't and as much as I don't I like it that way

One is like fire and the other like wind

Desire and passion but then I stop to think it over again

Who would I be if I lived for the thrill

It chances me getting burned so instead I form a shield

Wind is more calming and perfect on a sunny day

Then again don't forget overthinking can lead to destruction and hurricanes

Sound made decisions are what make it run smoothly

Unless I change the frequency of vibrations because the music fails to amuse me

Although daring, adventure, and dauntless actions are enticing

I continue to take the negative with the positive and chose my lighting

Everything around us needs balance, a good amount of each

Never too much happy or sadness, and just enough euphoria and grief





My first poem.. ever

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