Bak Taylor Liberosis- The Desire to Care Less about the World, and Why We Should Care Anyway

I truly believe that every human on this Earth is born with a desire to save the world,

and somewhere along the way,

we realize that this world does not want to be saved.

This concept chills our adolescent bodies down to our once warm and soft core.

Why would the world want anything but happiness for itself?

How can we mend a world that only wishes to self destruct?

You think that you’ve stopped the blood flow

when you apply pressure to one of the nation’s wounds,

but it will only begin to mutilate another limb.

Trying to be the sole caretaker of an entire country can make one weary.

Activists often become bitter when

they demand that the world recognize that it has a problem.

The valiant souls who still have hope and that world-saving attitude

have learned to treat the world how we would treat the neurologically ill.

It isn’t the world’s fault that it does not want to be saved anymore.

It’s been through so much that it seeks euthanasia.

The Earth is displaying obvious symptoms of liberosis.

This worldwide epidemic must be quarantined.

We won’t let the light vacate

the sanguine eyes of our little girls who still dream of being President,

the listless eyes of young women,

who would rather be pregnant with potential than with a fetus,

or the panicked eyes of any minority or woman walking home

on a foggy night pervaded by ghosts,

emboldened by weapons but still as fragile as tendrils of gun smoke,

seeking new life from those who still value their own.

We can’t let one news story,

one sunless day,

slay the world-savers inside of us,

and drown us with the great flood that we once feared.

Evil feeds on those who accept it,

and consumes terror as its nourishment.

We let catastrophe win when we let our spirit suffocate.


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