The Bait

With hook and crook
Caught in distress of emotions
Caught in the web of pains
Like a tunac struggling to be free
From the sharp end of the hook
Stuck all alone to my desires

my emotions caught in the web of depression
Dreams aborted,watched
As it crumbles and disappears
Stuck in the lybrinth of my world
Distress caused by the rebellion
From the deception of the head in power
To the anxieties of the mind
Caged soul of everlasting mark
Zig Zag way of aimless destination
Restlessness all the way

On all these my emotions is now a bait
A tool of aim suppression
Longing to be freed from the cage
The cage of lonliness
Cage of depression
Cage of fright
Looking up the sky, the luminous body
Glowing, hoping for a better tomorrow

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