Thu, 07/02/2015 - 21:44 -- kemi09

You're supposed to love when it hurts

but when the grief begins to overshadow the love

and the misery changes from weekly

to every other day

to daily,

you gotta let it go.

Because soon enough it'll consume you

and you'll go insane.

Your mental, emotional and physical health will deteriorate

until you're a walking corpse.

Better they just throw you in a casket and put you 6 ft under

Now you're an actual corpse.

And let me just say corpse or not, they won't care.

They stopped caring when

the hurt started overcompensating the love

the gifts started overcompensating the hurt

the sex started overcompensating the gifts

the words started overcompensating the sex

and the time lost started overcompensating the meaningless words.

Don't expect shit to go back to the way it was when you start fucking your best friend

because once that boundary is crossed,

there's no turning back

and Mary J Blige taught me that.

Because you're stuck thinking if y'all aren't lovers you'll still be best friends


You'll be lucky if y'all are even acquaintances after.

So make sure you have back up best friends

or just loyal friends period

because when your back is against the wall,

people who you would give an eye for won't even glance in your direction.

And your "fuck buddy"

turns into

"fuck you."

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