Bad Things Can’t Happen to Good People

Why do bad things happen to good people?Why does suffering come to the weak and feeble?Misery doesn't come to us simplyWhatever fruit we plant, will grow on the tree Why do we see good people suffer?They pray to God, but are denied supper The result is not God's decreeIt's a Universal Law, you will soon agree The bad you do, comes back to youAs you sow, so shall you reapIf you want apples, you must plant apples Otherwise, there will be no apples on your tree People think that it is God in heaven Giving cruel orders from cloud eleven Is it true that God is passing the decree? Or is it a law unfolding that we see? The law is known as the Law of KarmaIt is this law that causes all the drama!If you understand the law, you will agree That apples can't grow on a mango tree! There will be no reaction, unless there is an action There will be no effect unless there is a cause Apples or mangoes, be it one, two or threeWhat we plant, is what we will see on the tree But why do bad things happen to good people? We hear people question, but the logic is feeble It is expecting apples to appear on a mango tree But how can apples grow on a mango tree? Is this something difficult  to understand?Is it unique or does it happen in every land? The fruit you plant, will be the fruit on the tree Just like there are mangoes on every mango tree Have you seen a new born suffer?Some are born fortunate, the circumstances differ There must be a reason, you will agree Otherwise, why would this ever be? We may not remember, but the law remembers the past Whatever we do, will be counted till the lastGood or bad, whatever be the degreeWill appear as the fruit that we planted on the tree Some people question, “Is there life after death?”Or is the story over when we take our last breath?When we watch some children born with a smile and glee We realize this is no magic, nothing happens for free   All this happens by a law on earthThere is no luck or chance involved in our birth Fortunate or unfortunate, doesn't come randomlyThe circumstances of our birth don't just happen simply Who is in charge, who controls our destiny?Is there a power that is issuing the decree?Happy or unhappy, can prayer make it be?Or is it our own deeds that will make our destiny? Till when will we live in ignorance and cry? Looking at our misfortune and then asking why As long as we don't realize the law of destiny Whatever are our deeds, our future will be If we want to live in bliss and peaceIf we want all our miseries to ceaseOur life can be a jamboreeIf we learn the Universal Law of the tree Bad things can't happen to good people, you must know This is the law that exists in our life showIf there is tragedy, then don't disagreeIt is what we planted that is appearing on our tree 


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