Bad Sad Sonet


United States
35° 58' 43.4388" N, 94° 37' 27.75" W

Sonnet writing is taking me so long.
Fourteen lines, ten syllables for each line.
I love writing, but this is not a song.
Rhyming is easy, but sonnets aren't fine.
I wish my sonnet was better. Ohwell.
Maybe someone will enjoy this sonnet.
If I could, I would fix this; use a spell.
Since that is not possible, I'll leave it.
I wanted to write sonnets that made smiles.
After I tried though, nothing would make since.
The words in my head hid away in files.
I didn't know my brain could be so dense.
Apparently this is all that I had.
Hope this bad sonnet doesn't make you sad.


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