Bad Religion

It's a bad religion to even stare at you. 

It's a bad religion to be in love with you when I know you won't love me. 

But here I am writing about you. 

So I guess you're my thoughts and maybe you're my pen and paper when I don't have the energy to type. 

I'm searching for your voice in people that never even met you. 

I'm searching for you in people who have no idea who you are 

So I look at them and picture you. 

I'm with him but thinking of you. 

and maybe that's why I haven't found someone because I compare every soul to you. 

and I swear I'm living

or at least trying to. 

It's a bed religion to be next you

It's a bad religon that I pray about you every night when I know you don't even do it for me

but I'll continue to love you even if this is a bad religion.  


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