a bad break up


it all started with a text of baby

not good morning as ritual courtesy one acknowledges to a human being

i text back saying baby, i'm cooking breakfast

my mind wasn't thinking anything at that moment

at that time

next text reads

i think we need to break up

i'm letting you down

i paused like a mimb that stands still motionless

i text back what? why?

i outreach to get to the bottom of this misogynous tabloid of why you want to end this great relationship

we all go through something in our lives

it's what we do each day to get through

now, if you truly wanted out, then all you have to do is say it

this was not in your vocabulary because you fulfill expectations of what every angry woman say about men

there are no good men out there

what you fail to realize is that you didn't break that cycle of guys who all they wear is a dunce cap

when i wasn't the disappointment you expected

you didn't know what to do except find every excuses in the world to push me away 

and protect your vulneribility from your expression of love you don't even claim

yet, i wasn't that diamond in the rough

i am a precious gold that's rare and delicate

and you attempt to make this gold a fool by selling it to someone you try to con

i'm more shinier than 18 karat gold

now out of left field, you weren't ready for a relationship

been there, done that

not saying anything out in the ordinary

but instead, you permitted your emotional disturbances to cloud your passion 

on embracing of this man as the true defintion of  the man

women please learn a valuable lesson

don't express the typical notion of there is no good men

there are 

the problem is that you fail to go beyond than three blocks of your own neighborhood

or a club full of guys that all they bring is recipricate drama in which you don't know what happiness feels like even if it kicked you

someday, a woman will see me not as trash

but a treasure that embodies the only key she knows how to open





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Deep. Your a talented writer, I see you put a lot into that poem.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i did-needed to get that off my chest

thank you for the comment

its about moving on and forward-check out my other poems

Mafi Grey

This was just crazy man, great stuff. As another poet, I always loved the way we can symbolize a meaning by using words as our descriptions.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

it helps me psycho-analyze myself

it raises awareness to me in terms of relationships and social developments

wanted to inject life to this poem

let's collaborate on a piece together


OMG i know how that feel and Break ups can be difficult but it takes a hard fall for someone else to come and grab your hand and help you.You might be going through that fall but just know everything happens for a reason and even if it seem like what is the real reason just know something better will be coming your way.Build from this moment and know that if your heart is good and full of love it won't be long before someone else comes to hold your heart and cherish it like you deserve .

I'm going through the  worst moment of my life with a relationship and I already have a hard time to open up to people and to have that person that i pushed away only makes me want it back so i know how that can feel .

Keep your head up and grow from this moment 

Check out my poetry when you get a chance thank you 

i think you are an amazing writer and person :)

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i live and learn

i undertand more about myself

this poem relfects on how the relationship ended

everything happens for a reason, someone better will come wheni least expected

how u been imani?


I been doing horrible life has been crazy and i feel everything emotional is falling apart.Its like on the outside i am happy and full energy the person i want to be. Then i have the inside that is breaking apart .And i been trying to do better with sharing my emotions but all i do is close up from the world .

Sorry about my emotional rollercoaster 

how are you MVP!?

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

im been well

have an idea imani-write about what's breaking you up inside abd how you cover with happiness on the outside


ok i will start right now i have like 3 poems about that

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

express it as an author

the way you know how


For Imani You are far more mature then your age I admire that anout you, I will continue to read both of your works


You are a great poet i've only read three so far but i feeeeelll you literally. For every great man there is a great woman and I know without a doubt you will find her, better yet she will find you

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for the support

it was important to let it out

i been moved on and forward-check out my other poems i wrote


Powerful. I like it alot. Great imagery. 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

truthful story
needed to be told
thank you for comment-check out my other poems i wrote

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