Bad Bitch

I am a bad bitch
can’t you tell by the way my hair flows
18 inches of pure silk
or have you not yet noticed my shoes
red bottom louboutins on any given day
or maybe even some jimmy choos
my nails and face could pay all your bills for a month
my clothes cover so little yet I pay so much
yes, I am a bad bitch
matter of fact the baddest
my smart phone is a necessity
regardless of the fact that it has a better vocabulary
than me or is it I
I’m cuter than any video vixen
above the next top model
when I hit the club all the niggas buyin me a bottle
or two depending on the night
forget finding mister wright
I’m living fast, planning on dying young
because I am a bad bitch.
I am a bad bitch
I’m working two jobs, not necessarily the best
but got my own car
doing fine all by myself
don’t need no man to take care of me
my independence inspired boosie
I am a bad bitch
matter of fact I’m the baddest
I am the H.B.I.C, miss bosslady
honey, you’ll never catch me slippin
I’ve earned the title of bad bitch
put in work, and paid my dues
bad bitch is my name because that’s what I choose

I am not a bad bitch
I make mistakes on a daily basis
I will never be perfect
but yet I rule the world with my knowledge
my thickness may get looks but my brain will captivate you
which is why I am not a bad bitch
bitch is not a term of empowerment it is one of oppression
I am not a lewd woman
malicious or selfish
I am not a bitch
and putting bad in front of it doesn’t make a difference
I won’t flex on instagram
never flaunt what’s rented
I cover my body because it is sacred
while all the bad bitches hate in secret
I am educated and use it
I know a thing called self-respect and integrity
So I could never be a bitch
I am what the bad bitches aspire to be
I am a lady, a woman
and I will never be a bad bitch.



Love the twist at the end! What inspired you to write this poem?


I read a commentary on the song Bitch Bad by Lupe Fiasco and I was discussing it with some peers and this was the product of it


everything! it reminds me so much of a song ive heard before...but just better. 

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