Back at One


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Bottom Line Im in love with you, madly in love with you
and from the way things have been lately
i've been trying to tell myself to being in love with you
but unfortunately, i cant
i think about you on a daily basis
you are always constantly on my mind
and baby theres no escape for you
because i can't
i just can't put up that exit sign
that sign for you to go
that sign that shows im done
most of all that sign that says im over you
you lost one
well obviously im not because ive misplaced that sign purposely
because i find myself head over hills for you
even though i dont understand why i keep putting myself through this bull
when im just not happy anymore
like why, why cant it go back to being great like it began
cause when i look back on it
couldnt wait till you'd call
where we would stay up until 3 in the morning
just talking nonstop
why cant we go to when things were
good, not just okay
cause now when im asked
"have you talked to him today?"
it hurts me cause i gotta be truthful and
simply reply "not today"
but i try to stay positive
and maybe get my hopes up and think
" maybe tomorrow he'll call"
maybe something came up and you just didnt have time
"but im tired"
so tired of giving you the benefit of the doubt
"im officially done"
but wait i take that back
can we start back at one?



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...I don't know what to say but I freaking LOVE this poem. This right here is some true and deep poetry! Keep it up and I look forward to reading your other poems!!

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