Back to My Roots

Two jobs, a car, insurance, and high school

Balancing clubs, volunteering, and friends:

Grandma making food, to not be cruel,

I duck dinner, but jump to make my amends

I have not prayed, painted, or read for months,

Days wrapped in apprehension and alarm:

Caught between my passion and parents for once,

the end of high school seems to cause more harm

I seek a life in balance with the world,

Not competition or consumerism:

Family's judgment soon unfurled,

I seek an answer in the roots of Hinduism:

Mantras, dharmas, and songs of my childhood,

Sannyasa, exiting materialism

Ahisma, to heal the world and do good,

And karma, acting in full optimism

As long as my passion remains afloat,

To the earth, my life shall remain devote

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