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It is 6:27 a.m.

And in exactly one minute and 

thirty-two seconds the alarm will sound

But I arise from my safe haven and beat the unearthly sound before it makes a trill.

Now I'm at to school,

Get lost in a crowd of dreams and hopeful spirits.

"Don't look at anyone in the eyes,"

I remind myself as a walk towards the strangers I call friends.

I am in class, 

My eyes gaping at the scribbled board,

Pondering about everything else but the lesson.

Where will I be in five years?

What will I have accomplished?

What did I earn on the exam?

In an ocean of hopeful souls 

and so-called petty teenagers

I am just another organism,

on an fathomless expedition

with sharks and plankton.


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Our world
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