Some are made to be mothers,

Some are made to be wives.

I was made to mount the air,

And live a thousand lives.


What is that I hear,

In the wind's lusty song?

'Tis the moon calling my name,

Inviting me along.


I hopped on his back and left,

Together we tamed the sun,

Seeing all there is to see,

Doing all that can be done.


I taught DaVinci how to dance,

I showed Shakespeare how to sing,

When your mind is good and set,

You can do almost anything!


A blind man stopped and saw me,

As I soared over the way.

He turned to his deaf friend and said,

"That girl shall seize the day!"


So, my friend, come join me,

In the hurricane's gentle eye.

You never know what might happen,

When you finally learn to fly.

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