Baby, It's Cold Outside, or is it Us?

Baby, It’s Cold Outside, or is it Us?

Baby, It’s Cold Outside,

Yes, it is, I agree,

People have blocks of ice, where their brains used to be.

People claim to be offended,

By a song that was popular before D-Day ended,

That’s right, 1944, when the average house cost,

Three thousand, four hundred dollars,

Makes me want to holler.

This all began because one listener complained,

To a radio station called WDOK.

It just goes to prove that during our lives today,

We have too much time on our hands, yeah, you heard me say.

There are hands on a clock, but our hands are holding a little block.

Our eyes stay transfixed while our brains allow themselves to be tricked,

Into discussion and raging about meaningless crap,

It’s a trap.

Don’t be a sap.

Wake up from your nap.


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