Baby Don't Hurt Me

I lay awake many of nights thinking about a single line in one of the catchiest songs all time. In 1993 an artist by the name of Haddaway said "What is love" and that is literally the best and most awesome question i've ever heard in the past sixteen years. Im incredibly young in many peoples eyes but iv'e had my share of puppy dog love, and it was love that I felt was a showered gift from above that I would later find out had future consequences from hell below but that unpredictability is what makes love awesome. This concept of "love" has many branches to the tree branching through every human, animal, plant or even alien heart. Love is amazing because it has a scientific element to it where I can tell you all about a girl as if, as if h beauty is a substrate. An enzyme speeding reactions of  Yttrium, Oxygen and Uranium (All Y.O.U. baby) deeper into my pounding heart. Love is art driven because it paints a portrait of the Mona Lisa and if your name was Mona id go ahead and lease a new car with your beautiful face painted into the side doors. Love is corny and thats what explains these last two attempts at jokes I made! Boy oh boy if love isn't awesome then i'm obviously missing something. It's the gateway into an abundance of multi faceted and intellectually stimulating emotions. You've never felt happy until your other says "Babe wake up I cant get you off my mind" at 3 in the morning even though they know your asleep and you've never felt that pure un adulturated rage until you see someone flirting with your man or girl and you contimplate whether a life sentence for murder is worth it but you shrug it off in the real world with a "whatever that person was ugly anyway".Love is awesome because it makes you look at someone and say "Hey you're awesome". I love the love given to us from the man upstairs who tends to love our beloved souls and teaches those lovely souls to love one another. I love the fact i'm so close to college aspirations and that i'll be the first on both sides of my family to go. I love that my poetry is my passion. I love the fact someone to the time out of their day to read this and maybe even say "I love this". If you dont get how love is awesome then fall in love with someone, something, or look at someone or something love you like you should love life. Then realize love is the most fantasticoimpressionnant, or just plain awesome thing in life or death, or afterlife or infinity. You get it. Everything is Awesome Scholarship Slam

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