Baby can you

Baby can you

by Sandrajohnsonj on June 11, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved

Baby if i told you that I'm sorry. Would you believe me? If i told you that I deeply and truly love you. Would you even care?  

Hunny if i cut my own heart out for you and gave it to you. Would you except me as i am?  Would you want me now, even though you know that i am broken, And i need to heal?

Would you take ahold of my hand and help me stand? Would you forget about all the things i say? when I'm in my love you rampage, and jealousy stage?

I know that sometimes i miss behave! And i cause you to become dismayed.  I don't mean for it to turn out this way. But it does because of choices we both made! 

Please forgive me baby because sometimes i get lost. And don't know what I'm doing. At the time because I'm in a prime defense mode. Trying to keep what is mine.

I don't mean to make you feel like you are not special at times.  I wish I can turn back the hands of time. To when we first met. And you couldn't stand it to be with out me. For a long period of time.

You would stay up all night and talk about our plans our love our future. You would call me up just to say how much you love me and missed me.

I miss looking in to your beautiful brown eyes. And becoming lost in your sole of love for us. Would you forget about the hurtful things that i have said and done and forgive me?
If i told you that you are still my only.

Would you come running back to me with open arms? And let me love you just like our first time!

Can you please baby find it in your heart to forgive me once more?  And i have forgotten and forgiven the things that you have done.

Can we please become us once again? I know this love lite is still flickering! Can we come back to together? And make it burn out of control once again?

Baby i pray for our love each and every day. I promise you that no matter what. I Will never give up on your love. I'll never give up on you.

Baby im here to always and forever stand by you. In all that you do. I want to hold your hand and be the one who helps you stand.

I want to walk with you hand and hand.  Through the snow white sand.  I want to give to you back all the love and romance i once gave to you. And i want to praise you in all that you do.

Baby even though I get upset and angry. It doesn't mean i think any less of you. It doesn't mean i don't love you. Or that I'm going to leave you.

It just means we have a little bump in the road like many bumps we have faced before. We always come and stand together and we face the battle head on.  
We over come everything that is and was going wrong.

And we stay standing together united in our love so strong. God answered so many of my prayers when he sent you to me. And i want  for you to know  you mean the world to me.

I wish I could let you see through my eyes. The beauty, love, trust, strength
Inspiring woman that i see in you. Then you would understand why I'm so proud of you no matter what you do.

My pride in you never grows cold it's always very strong. Only you have the power to make me smile when I'm so very angry i can just scream.

Only you can make me laugh when i want to cry. You darling and only you are the apple of my eye. Your the keeper of my heart. It's been You and only you who has ever heald the key to my heart.

And it just rips my heart out when you're mad at me and you choose for us to be  apart.  
And it kills me to know i have hurt you so. To make you feel like you just can't be with me anymore.

Can you please find it in your heart to forgive me? And take me back to where you once loved me? And you cared enough for me that you could not stand to be away from me!

Can you find it in you heart to love me as i am? To stand beside me trough what ever storms may come our way!  Will you stand beside me and say hunny it's going to be ok? I'm with you my love to stay.

Can you find it in your heart to see me as i see you? Flawless and perfect in every thing that you do! Because my love is true! And i truly appreciate everything that you do!
I truly love and respect and honer you.

My beautiful Queen! Can you please forgive me? And come back to me once more? Because you're the one and only one who i love and adore! Love you baby missing you please come back!

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