Baby Blue Eyes


There once was a little girl with big blue eyes,

Who dreamed of diamonds in the skies,

All she knew was happiness and love,

Oblivious to the whirl of chaos going on,

So naïve of the problems right outside her front lawn,

Behind her big blue eyes,

She lived in her own little world,

Unaware of the troubles that swirled,

Her imagination was as large as her eyes,

Filled whole with sweet dreams,

Everything so wonderful,

Or at least that how it seemed,

But one day that girl wasn’t so little anymore,

And life began to seem more like a chore,

Problems became more evident,

And her view started to get warped and bent,

Life wasn’t as good as it was before,

The worries of life laid out on her shore,

And she was left with the problems,

That crushed her wondrous innocence,

The fog of her denial,

Was lifted up like a veil,

And all that remained was the cold hard truth,

That life wasn’t what it seemed,

And childhood was only a distant memory dreamed,

And the purity of her thoughts were diluted,

With everything in the world so polluted,

The reason I know this girls story so well,

Is something I always dwell,

Those big blue eyes belonged to me,

And ill never be let free,

Of all the ugly in life I have seen,

Because my reality has become so keen,

And I finally found the world can be so mean.



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