Baby Bird

Baby Bird

sitting on the bench in the shade.

Your little eyes still not awake

a tear races down my face

It shouldnt have ended this way.

But what did they know, a dogs instict will tell all.

Your baby bird feathers look so smoothe

Very clean and new

They got you before first flight.

my chest begins to feel tight

sadness invades me, as you lay theres so beautifully

you are gone, still so peacfully

peacfully gone.

So i am sorry baby bird

That you are gone before you can learn

perhaps one day you will return

Starting over again as an egg of a mother bird

Then you shall fly. fly far awar from a dogs instict.

Perhaps one day baby bird.

A sence of hopefullness is a releif

I let the thought stay in my mind

The belife of reicarnation,

not a lie

An end of a new, and another begining to you

see you soon

baby bird.


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Amber Cole

What inspired this peome is a real event of my dogs killing a baby bird. I really cried and really tried to save the bird but it was too late. IT was a sad moment, at the end i tried to make it a little happier to be more positive.

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