Baby Belle Blue: A Small Town's Rusalka


There once was a girl 

Beautiful as a pearl,

Who is now known as Baby Belle Blue.

She is long dead and gone

But her legend lives on

In the waters of Lake Yester Yew.


There her ghost can be seen

With her hair oh-so-green

And a malicious glint in her eyes,

Which are black as the hell

Of the depths that she dwells

But arises from with the dark sky.


And she calls out her song

In the trees all night long

And there's nothing that no one can do.

For once she's  in your head,

She will take you for dead

At the Bottom of Lake Yester Yew.


"Just a tall tale," they say

In the light of the day

But they all swim to shore before night.

Yes, they know what to do

About Baby Belle Blue,

For they know this tall-tale teller's right.


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