Babiess Having Babies

What's wrong with this world all these babies having babies

Barley grown up and got a raise they own baby

What happened to when we used to look down on this behavior

It seems like this world needs to look around for a savior


Can't even support yourself ain't even got an education

Gotta drop out so you can join some wack coorporation

flinging burgers to support a child who woulda been better off

if you just finished your education got a real job them setoff


your plan to have a family oh what a better life it would be

if you were smart enough to wait to expand your family tree

Get your life under control so you can support yourself

before you go out and try to support someone else


Live your life it's worth it to be a better you

No babies 'til your ready come on get a clue

No more babies before we're ready we stand up to move

Teen pregnancy prevention 100% approved



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