You're words have  me captive

your heart has me captured

I just want to see you

I'm never going to leave you


your girlfriend kinda hates me

Because there was a time when I was calling you baby

Even when I was playing

My heart was delaying


I really really miss ya

I kinda wanna kiss ya

You'll always be in my heart

Because you were from the start

No distance could keep us apart

True friendship survives within our hearts


It used to be “I love you”

Now it isn't

were losin’ time

While you're in left field

I'm here losing you


Not a feeling I can't get used to

I don't know what for

I need to walk out the door.

But I promised id never leave

And that id always try to fix things


The one time I stepped up and ask

You said you weren't ready for that

It wasnt for me

It was for her, my sister, my baby

The way I said it was confusing

Oh well, at this game I was always losing


Like she said

It is time for me to back down

Imma walk out

imma leave now

You're hers no denying it

I'm done trying for this


Hearts beating

Head is pounding

Like I'm underwater

Surrounding myself


I should have left long ago

Shouldn't have handed you a damn note

If we're playing roles

I got the mad hatter

Unlike Alice smoking with a blue caterpillar

I know you can't feel her


We were at the top now you're dropping

I was your  coach when you were off your game nonstop and

I'm trapped here

Have been for a year

I love it

I hate it

But I wouldn't change it


Don't be angry Don't be sad

Don't be pissy Don't be mad

I don't wanna hurt you but it's killing me

I wanna cry and I shouldn't be


Why did you say I love you back

You know I took heart to that

I know now for sure


I've got to go

I loved you more than you'd ever know


This poem is about: 
My family


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