Awkward Encounters with a Middle School English Teacher

I look into your face as I describe

The project I put hours into

I paint a picture for you

Of the reaction from my classmates

When I pointed out that there are examples

In our own culture

Of degredation of women

That we generally find


Not only funny,

But hilarious.

I look into your reaction

As I create for you

The feeling I felt when 

Our talk about Old Spice Commercials

And equal rights

Morphed themselves into

Heated conversations about




Seperation of Church and State

 "You know, I don't really want to live in a society

Where my body is controlled

by some upper-class white guy."

And I can tell I'm making you uncomfortable.

You squirm in your chair

And cease to contribute to the conversation

And I look down at the rough blue carpet

Public Education Taxes have paid for.

I realize that you probably think

I'm some sort of bra burning,

Man hating



I can almost see the word swimming in your head

Swimming in a pool of fire

Burning with your learned hatred

For its false connotations.

And I realize

My angry

Freedom Fighter


Is borderline offensive to you.

I stop talking.

I change the subject.

I don't want to have to spend the rest of the semester

With this awkward difference in




"How's the cafeteria food today?"



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