In my life there were a few people who made an impact on me

At times it was hard to see

But one was very was visible for me

She‘s An Awesome Woman

She is the essence of beauty

Someone who is Professional, Persistent, and Patient

Inside I know she would be an amazing mother

There will never be another

She’s An Awesome Woman

I've been able to grow from her inspiring words

Words that many have never heard

I wonder if she knows…..?

She’s An Awesome Woman

She’s not my mother

Not my Aunt

Nor my Sister

But a True Role Model

Someone I ought to follow

I tend to express how Awesome she is because..

there’s no denying it

She has been the only “Woman” to take time out of her schedule to listen to my nonsense!!

Even if she did it because “counselor” is her title

She did pretty good, but that would be vital !

Overall she is kind and caring


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