Awesome: Meaning and Answer

A is for amazement as 
W is who what where, while
E can be everything and
S is so beyond compare.
O and M come together as "Oh me!" or "Oh my,"two of the most common phrases such as "Hi" or "Bye."
E means Experience to sum up this "meaning situation," as well as explain for this rhyming sensation.
This is my meaning of AWESOME down to letter by letter, as well as my answer to the question, for the better. 
In accordance with what is awesome ( as described above),
I feel everything deserves admiration and love.
Life, space, and time and anything else as such that may exist, 
Is awesome in my eyes and only adds to the list.
So in my conclusion, I see all things with awe,
So I hope this may serve as inspiration to all.
Yet awesome only goes far as a single descriptor, 
Yet it is one of the best ones there is, both here and here after.


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