awesome is me

awesome was never a word that i thought would define me

but as a grew older awesome became me

from my thoughts, to my feelings, to the way I carry myself

awesomeness runs through my veins

people ask why do i have so much of it in me

and the only thing i can say is why not!

why not be free and happy and let your soul glow from the inside out

everything in life has a positive attribute or lesson to it

i like to reflect on the positives versus the negatives

yes my teeth may be crooked but my smile is brighter than many i know

the girl walking down the street may not be a size two but she walks with the grace and poise of a professional super model

the next person may not be rich monetary wise but is rich in joy and happiniess.

awesome isnt just an adjective

it could be a lifestyle that everyone lives by

all it takes is positive hearts and good vibes


This poem is about: 
Our world


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