I am by the seashore
My toes dipped in flawless waters
That quietly carry my irrelevant thoughts away...
I'm calm as the breeze,
My hair tracing its wavering patterns
And the quiet of the beach
Takes me somewhere far from this earth..
I'm lost as the scattered sand
Wondering when you will come find me..
The voices of my heart, echoing...
Like the conch shells that lay beside me.
What time is it?
Seems that I've been here forever... Waiting...
The song of the birds
Eventually drift me to sleep...

I see you in my dreams.
I see you sitting beside me... Waiting...
Waiting for my awakening.

And then...
When my eyes finally blink again
I had come to realize 
That you will forever remain within my vicinity..
That you travel with me where ever I may go..
That your presence is embedded within my skin,
And so I no longer need to wait.
I thank the waters and wave farewell,
And smile as you take my hand,
Pulling me back to Earth once more..

-S. Bari

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