Awaited Milestone

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 18:22 -- kemi09

It's been a week

since I've cried

felt anger

believed all this was a mistake.

But He doesn't make mistakes in the grand scheme of life

because now I know I'm right where I want to be

or rather where He wants me to be.

I'm happy

and confident in the person I am becoming

or the person I discovered

underneath the image I present to society.

I met someone

who brings out the best in me

lets me experience pure laughter

makes me want to live

and grow to my fullest potential.

Right guy, wrong time

because I need to self-construct

before I self-destruct

and I need to continue learning

how not to let my happiness depend on another being.

But if he's still here

when I successfully complete my cleansing process

I won't be as guarded

and it won't take me as long to open up to him

or the next one who comes along with my best interests at heart (and in mind).

I've set goals

met new people

experienced amazing things

and seen "stuff"

in the past week.

I haven't forgotten our shared memories

or entirely moved on

but I'm moving

and in my heart I know this is the right decision, not a mistake at all

because I've finally discovered who I am

and for the first time

I'm genuinely happy. ~K

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