Average Is A State of Being

Tue, 01/28/2014 - 16:18 -- MCDC

You’re good at things

You’re a good writer, you’re a good photographer, you get good grades

But you’re not great

And you’ll never be like them, the friends with 4.0’s and a full ride to college

Or the siblings with the bright futures of being medical school or law school

And you’ll have a good future with your good head on your shoulders

But they have a great future with their great minds, and they just have to push a little to do great things

Why, imagine if they pushed a lot

And you can’t talk about wanting to be special and different and standing out

Because you’re a girl and you’re whining

Because you’re a boy and that’s weak

Because you’re young and naive, or old and past your time

When you fight to be heard you’re a nuisance and when you let it go you’re lazy

When you scream to stand out you’re attention seeking and when you try to fit in you’re boring

So you wish you had been born special, born different, because if you try to mold yourself, you become a fake

You are the average person who succeeds at making others feel great

How could they feel great if it weren’t for average people?

Who would they be better than?

Who would set such a low bar for them to easily exceed?

You can be the best at being good, if you like

It may even make your days easier

But if you achieve the miracle of greatness through goodness, no one will realize it

So try to just be content to be good

Because it’s how you’ll always be treated anyway

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