Avedium...He's got your back!


Pain. So much pain

Can't handle it.

DIE! They say. The world doesn't need you. No one wants you. Nobody loves you. Nobody will miss you

Belief. So much belief

You believe them.

You believe the world doesn't need you. Believe no one wants you. You believe  no one loves you

Depression. So much Depression

You feel a dark cloud above you. It follows you You can see it. Nobody else can see

Bullies. So many Bullies

They kick you. Hit you. Push you. Give you swirleys. Shove you in the locker. They expose you.

Screaming. So much Screaming

Your tired of it. You take it at school. You take it at home. How much more do you have to go through before its all over?

Abuse. So much Abuse

From the bullies. From dad. From Mom. Emotionally, Verbally, and Physically.

Closer. So much Closer

Your so much closer to the breaking point. Closer to where you can't deal with it anymore. Closer to where your so close to ending it all.

Hope. So much Hope.

You hope that someone hears your cry for help. That someone will see inside and see the hurt. And reach out a hand.

Emotion. So much Emotion

You don't know what to feel anymore. Your not sure if you can even feel anymore. You feel so numb.

Death. So much Death

All around you. Now all you want to do is die. Your done. So done. You can't take it anymore. You feel like no one will even miss you.

You send one last prayer to the man upstairs. praying for life. praying for hope in your life. Praying someone reaches out their hand and pulls you from the darkness.

Because really, deep down inside, you really don't want to die

Then. All of a sudden you hear the phone ring. Is it a coincidence? Your not sure. But something tells you to answer it.

So,  you do.

Hello? You say. Yes, this is I.

You have a life to live, they tell you. Forget all those that are hurting you.

You will get through it. Just keep your head held up high. Put all your faith in God

and I promise you, God is going to help you. He is giving you the strength. Don't stop believing.

Even when the going gets tough, just believe and have faith because believe me when I say




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