Autumn's Child


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Autumn’s Child lives across the creek,

Among leaves of fire and blood

And Autumn’s Child creeps beneath the trees,

And paints his face with mud


The burning forest is his kingdom,

The golden meadows, his domain

And when the wind blows crisp and cold

Autumn’s Child calls down the rain


Through storms of amber leaves he stalks,

And whispers warnings to the wild things

Amid mushroom rings he sits and talks,

And advises the birds take wing


With haunted eyes and heavy heart,

Autumn’s Child will watch and wait

And when the shadows solidify,

Autumn’s Child will know his fate


One dawn will break Winter’s window,

And glass dust will frost the land

The ice will spiderweb the trees

Alone, Autumn’s Child will stand


Autumn’s Child will die across the creek,

Upon the skeletons of faded leaves

And Autumn’s Child will sleep until

His season wishes him breathe



Thanks so much! and how do you mean? how did i post the photo?





Haha yeah; do you post the picture seperately, or use the add media icon?


I can't really remember but I think I added it as media? Sorry I cant be more help haha


Wow, this was beautifully worded and measured. Your word choice was wonderful and the ease with which you found words to rhyme that didn't seem forced was incredible. Effortless, actually. The imagery was startlingly vivid, and in the end kind of sad. But so beautifull. Wow


Thank you so much for your comment and feedback!  I find that when the words and rhythm come effortlessly, that's when it's a poem worth saving.  If it feels forced when you write it, odds are it's going to come across as forced to the reader! 


This is absolutely beautiful!




Oh my goodness thank you so much!  If you want to really read the best poem ever, check out The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Elliot!  Haha if I ever have a book published, I'll let you know! :P


I absolutely love this poem. The personification, details, imagery. 

It's truly beautiful.


I am so glad you love it! Thanks so much!

Ellie Kleinatland

The imagery is amazing! I saw Autumn telling the birds to fly south and everything. <3

Ellie Kleinatland

The imagery is amazing! I saw Autumn telling the birds to fly south and everything. <3


I'm glad the imagery came across well! As a writer you never know if your readers will pick up on it! Thanks so much for your comment!


Wow..... Amazing.



hehe thanks!


This poem is AMAZING!!!!! I read it almost everyday I especially love how you ended it! 


Thanks! The endings are always a bit tricky, so I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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